Historical Circulation for ZdG’s Print Edition: Largest Number of Subscribers in the Last 15 Years

As a result of a subscription campaign, ZdG registered a significant increase in subscribers, exceeding the 10,000 subscribers threshold.

For January 2020, ZdG has 10,101 subscribers for ZdG’s printed edition in the villages and cities of all Moldova’s districts. All in all, the total circulation will reach 10,938 copies this month.

The number of subscribers for ZdG’s printed edition in 2020 is 3,081 higher than the number of subscribers for January 2019, an increase of 44 percent. 

The ZdG newsroom thanks our entire community of readers and each individual subscriber. We appreciate the dedication of our subscribers, many of whom have been with us for years, and we warmly greet the new members of the ZdG community. We promise that we will endeavor to have a newspaper as interesting as possible, with well-documented material on topics of maximum public interest.

We mention the active and altruistic participation of the online community, which is reading the newspaper for free on the Internet, and who decided to subscribe their relatives and friends from the villages, to ZdG’s printed edition. In 2020, the number of subscriptions made online increased by 160 percent compared to the last year.

In December 2019, ZdG benefited for the first time from a crowdfunding campaign, organized with the support of Andrei Lefter, a Moldovan established in Italy and Dorina Baltag – a Moldovan citizen living in the Netherlands.

They helped subscribe 200 schools and libraries to ZdG’s printed edition and collected 2,952 euros to this purpose. 

Special thanks to the representatives of the diaspora on social networks, including the group NorocOlanda – HelloNetherlands

The newsroom will continue to edit the Diaspora page this year, which will include letters, messages, and opinions of those leaving Moldova. 

Also, some individuals and companies have donated especially for the subscription to ZdG’s printed edition for elderly homes, orphanages, prisons, and socio-economically vulnerable families who need to be informed and are interested in reading ZdG. 

The newsroom plans for an exciting 2020. Soon, we will publish ZdG’s annual report, in which we explain in detail what we have achieved so far and what we plan to achieve in 2020. Of course, we will continue to write, first and foremost, about corruption and human rights, also launching video or multimedia products on these topics.

The first issue of this year’s print edition appears on Thursday, January 16th. We ask all subscribers and people who have gifted subscriptions to check if the newspaper reaches the recipients, and if any problems appear – please inform the newsroom by contacting us at + 373/22 23 44 38 or email ziardegarda@gmail.com.

Our subscription continues on www.abonare.md, now available for the months of February through December 2020.

Redacția ZdG,

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