POLL / Shor Fled Moldova. Who Helped Him?

Moldovan businessman and politician Ilan Shor is under a new criminal investigation for the illegal crossing the state border. According to a statement from the General Prosecutor’s Office, Shor left the country between 14 and 17 June. He managed to avoid border controls and left through Chişinău International Airport. Shor is facing criminal charges in the case of the stolen billion and was forbidden from leaving the country without the permission of the Cahul Court of Appeal, which is reviewing his case. If found guilty for leaving the country illegally, Shor risks up to two years in prison.

Ion Diacov, former prosecutor

Surely he had help. He is not a sparrow or a crow who flew away and left. First, I think someone “opened the gates,” because the airport is not an amusement park that anyone can stroll through. It is a secured institution. Secondly, this could not be done without some key personnel within the Airport that knew the situation. And thirdly, when crossing the border, he definitely had some money with him, some items of value. And in that case he can be also accused  of smuggling, not just illegal crossing of the border. The government should perform an investigation to find out the people who facilitated Shor’s fraudulent crossing of the border. And those persons, along with Shor, should be investigated and judicially prosecuted for abuse of service and complicity.

Oazu Nantoi, Parliamentary Defense and Security Committee

Who helped him? The state that they subordinated. On June 8, the Moldovan Parliament adopted the Declaration on the captive character of the state. Shor is part of the long list of those who were part of the captive state regime. Shor took advantage of this regime, he stole and got rich. But when he was in danger, he took a chance and escaped. Will Shor be condemned? Probably. The first question here must be addressed to the Border Police. As far as I know, Shor is under judicial review and has no right to leave Moldova. We have to make state institutions work according to the laws before the General Prosecutor asks to waive Shor’s immunity. That is one of the most important priorities.

Galina Bostan, Center for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption

Why would it surprise us that Shor chose to escape through Chişinău International Airport if one of his companies manages the airport? Shor took advantage of this situation. This is a serious issue, because it brings the security of the border regime and eventually the security of the state into question. This is no joke. What happened is a serious affront to the Border Police…A criminal investigation of Shor for illegal border crossing was initiated, that’s good. But criminal cases should be opened in the name of those who made it possible, so as to avoid such cases in the future.

Sergiu Mocanu, Anti-Mafia Movement

It is no longer news that the state institutions and certain people from state institutions were working hand in hand with Plahotniuc and Shor. Chișinău International Airport was prepared as a gateway to evacuate these criminals if they would be constrained by the law. All the airport’s services were at their disposal. I would like to see the real facts of the case. But there is the risk that the newly formed government will subjugate the state institutions and do nothing about it, as it happened before. After [former President] Voronin left, everyone expected that his structures would collapse, yet the newcomers subjugated the institutions. I do not know if Shor will be sentenced because I do not know if anyone will see him in Moldova again. What I’m expecting is to have several resignations from law enforcement bodies and cases targeting those who allowed Shor’s escape. The longer it takes to elucidate the crimes of the former regime, the bigger the risk of falling into the same trap is.

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