Journalists from ZdG, Take Awards at the Mass-Media Forum

The award ceremony of the winners of the Click for gender equality and Investigation of the year 2019 in the national media competitions was held at the Mass-Media Forum, during November 4-5, 2019. The journalists from Ziarul de Gardă managed to take the second place in both competitions.

The Mass-Media Forum is organized by the Press Council of the Republic of Moldova in partnership with Independent Press Association, Center for Independent Journalism and Electronic Press Association, being financially supported by Soros Moldova Foundation and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (Germany). The project aims at developing an independent and pluralistic media and is at its fifth edition.

In the category Investigation of the year 2019 in the national media, the first place was not offered, however, the journalists of the Ziară de Garda, Anatolie Esanu and Victor Moșneag, were awarded with the second place for the investigation Heads till the end at Moldova’s Federation of Football: Business Football.

As prizes, journalists will receive, from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, scholarships for conducting an investigation into the issue of corruption / misappropriation of financial allowances from the European assistance provided to Moldova.

In the second edition of the contest Click for gender equality, ZdG photographer, Ecaterina Alexandr, was awarded the second place for the best photo from the perspective of gender equality. The photo was taken in the context of the International Day of the elderly in the village of Cruglic, Criuleni district: The secret of longevity: “I didn’t have time to stay, I worked my whole life”

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