What Changes Happened at the Office of the Prosecutor General?

After a five-month search for a Prosecutor General, which lead to the collapse of the anti-oligarchic alliance, the Superior Council of Prosecutors appointed Alexandr Stoianoglo as the new Prosecutor General. After he became Prosecutor General, Stoianoglo appointed three deputy prosecutors.

ZdG investigated the assets and political ties of the Prosecutor General and the three deputy prosecutors. The Prosecutor General was previously a member of Parliament and Deputy Speaker of the Democratic Party, but he has distanced himself in recent years from politics. At the same time, one of his deputy prosecutors has served under the former prosecutor Eduard Harunjen as well, while another deputy prosecutor has a 103,000 euros house build while he was working at the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office

On November 28, the Superior Council of Prosecutors appointed Stoianoglo the winner of the Prosecutor General position after he got the highest score during the Superior Council of Prosecutors evaluation. The next day President Igor Dodon signed the appointment decree. However, Stoianoglo named his deputy prosecutors later, because he claimed that he had consultations with honest and professional people, but many don’t want to become deputy prosecutors. 

Stoianoglo about his relations with the Democratic Party

Former deputy and vice deputy of the Parliament from the Democratic Party, Alexandr Stoianoglo distanced himself from politics in the last years. 

He was a parliamentary deputy from the Democratic Party lists during 2009-2014, holding a leadership position during the short-lived 2009-2010 legislature, as Vice Deputy of Parliament. Following the parliamentary snap elections of November 2010, Stoianoglo was elected chairman of the National Security, Defense, and Public Order Commission. 

In January 2015 Alexandr Stoianoglo announced his decision to leave the Democratic Party and run as an independent candidate for the UTA Gagauzia Bashkan position as an independent candidate. 

In 2012, in an interview for tribuna.md, Stoianoglo spoke appraisingly of Marian Lupu, the then president of the Democratic Party,  saying that “he had a decisive role in my political career.”

In July 2019, following the resignation of Vladimir Plahotniuc from the Democratic Party leadership, Dumitru Diacov, the Party’s honorary president, in a show on TV8, pronounced Stoianoglo’s name among the potential future leaders of the Democratic Party.

Asked about his affiliation with the Democratic Party Stoianoglo replied “I became a member of the Democratic Party when I became a deputy. After I completed the mandate, I left the party and have not since participated in any event, in any meeting of any party, not just the Democratic Party. I got disappointed with politics. 

And although I was in the same team with Mr. Lupu (President of the Parliament during 2010-2013) and I came to politics at his insistence, Mr. Lupu didn’t even call me to say thank you for working together. I never spoke to Mr. Lupu again. I never spoke to Mr. Plahotniuc (former leader of the Democratic Party), Mr. Candu (former President of the Parliament).”

With what assets comes the new Prosecutor General   

According to the property registry, the Stoianoglo family dwells in a 160 square meters apartment, in Chișinău, despite the fact that Stoianoglo indicated in his 2015 declaration of assets that the apartment has 90 square meters. The apartment is registered in the name of all family members: the spouses Alexandr Stoianoglo and Țvetana Curdova, and the two daughters Cristina and Corina Stoianoglo. 

A few months after Stoianoglo left the Democratic Party and the Parliament, his eldest daughter, Cristina Stoianoglo, then 19 years old, bought a 134.9 square meters apartment. 

According to the declaration of assets and interests filed for 2013-2014, Alexandr Stoianoglo and his wife had official incomes of about 25,500 euros (500,000 lei), while the market price of an apartment with an area of 134.9 square meters is more than 65,000 euros.

Since 2013, the Stoianoglo family has also invested in a 60 square meters non-residential area, located in a residential block on Renașterii Naționale Boulevard, downtown Chișinău. The Stoianoglo family officially entered into the possession of the real estate in April 2016, and shortly thereafter, a beauty salon, Opium Beauty Salon, managed by the Stoianoglo family, was opened at that address. 

And while in the declaration of assets submitted while active in Parliament he indicated the Individual Enterprise Curdova Țvetana, founded in 2008, registered by his wife, bearing the same name, in his last declaration of assets Stoianoglo made no reference about it. 

In 2018, after Curdova Țvetana individual company was closed, a private limited company with the same name was registered, founded and administered by Stoianoglo’s wife, the new prosecutor general.    

“I included in the declaration of assets the surface of the apartment according to the distribution voucher. I think the indicated surface was 90 square meters, so I indicated that. It is the same apartment received from the state in 2001. Maybe it is about the residential meters. 

As for my daughter’s apartment, the whole family contributed with money, including the grandparents. It happened so that the neighbors decided to sell the apartment, we asked them to wait a little and, after half a year, we bought it. And now we all have debts to pay. My wife runs the beauty salon. We invested the family money. I had no business when I was in politics. I have been working in the civil society sector for four years,” Alexandr Stoianoglo declared when asked about his assets and declaration of assets.  

Who are the new three deputy prosecutors

Before elected the three deputy prosecutors the new Prosecutor General declared that many people refuse to be deputy prosecutors, because the process is politicized. Stoianoglo also mentioned that the tensions around the appointment of the Prosecutor General contributed to the situation. However, Stoianoglo assured that by the end of this week, there will be a new leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office, announcing the names of the three new deputy prosecutors. 

ZdG takes a closer look at the assets of the three new deputy prosecutors. 

Ruslan Popov, who has previously participated in the competition for the position of Prosecutor General, has been active in the Prosecutor’s Office since 1997, when he began his activity as an investigator at the Leova Prosecutor’s Office. 

In 2009, he joined the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Methodical Assistance of the General Prosecutor’s Office (PG), later becoming head of this department.

In 2013, by the order of the Prosecutor General at that time, Ruslan Popov was delegated as interim chief of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (PA). He was the chief prosecutor of the Ciocana Office of the Chișinău Prosecutor’s Office until August 2018, when he was appointed to the position of chief of the Criminological Analysis, Approval and Legislation Proposals section within the Political, Reform and Protection of the interests of the Prosecution General society.

In 2013, while Popov was acting head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, Ziarul de Gardă wrote that he lives with his wife, in a two-level house in Mileştii Mici, Ialoveni, with an estimated value of around 103,000 euros (2 million lei). 

Popov stated that he built his house especially from the money he had accumulated after selling his apartment in Chișinău, together with his wife.

According to the prosecutor’s office, in 2018 Popov raised a salary of about 16,500 euros (318,000 lei) and around 1,500 euros (28,000 lei) from the National Institute of Justice. Popov also indicates that he obtained an income of over 51,400 euros (1 million lei) from the sale of two non-residential rooms and an apartment. 

In his declaration of assets, Popov declared 16 agricultural lands, an apartment of 122 square meters, acquired in 2011, a dwelling house, of 211 square meters, which he has owned since 2006, but also three cars, of which a Hyundai Grand Santa Fe, from 2017, purchased in the same year, with a value of around 38,000 euros (740,000 lei).

Mircea Roșioru remains in the deputy chair of the Prosecutor General, who held the position of deputy while the former Prosecutor General, Eduard Harunjen was in office, but also while the former interim Prosecutor General, Dumitru Robu was in office. 

Previously, Roșioru was the head of the Legal Department of the Office of the Prosecutor General and the president of the Qualification Board. Roșioru has been active in the prosecutor’s offices since 2001.

For the year 2018, he reported revenues of around 20,500 euros (397,000 lei) from the Prosecutor’s Office. Another around 1,700 euros (33,000 lei), Roșioru collected from the National Institute of Justice and from the Moldova State University. 

In 2018, the Deputy Prosecutor General officially became the owner of a 121 square meters apartment he had previously invested in a high block for prosecutors. Also in 2018, Roșioru bought a garage and a non-residential space of 13 square meters. The Prosecutor also indicates in his declaration of assets and interests an Opel Astra model car, acquired in 2011.

Iurie Perevoznic is a prosecutor and lawyer, acting as head of the Juvenile and Human Rights Section within the General Investigations Directorate of the Office of the Prosecutor General, but also Deputy Chief of the Financial-Economic Investigations and Human Rights Protection Department within the Office of the Prosecutor General. In July 2019, Perevoznic was appointed by the Superior Council of Magistracy as inspector-judge.

For the past year, Perevoznic declares a cumulative fee of about 16,800 euros (325,000 lei) from the Lawyer’s Office Iurie Perevoznic, the Public Association Center for Women’s Law and La Strada Public Association. In his statement of assets, the prosecutor’s deputy indicated a 54 square meters apartment and a Honda Accord model car, purchased in 2010.

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