DOC / Latest update: The Kroll 2 report is published

The report received by the Commission and made public today, July 4, does not contain the list of persons involved in the bank fraud, but it contains details about the disappearance from the Moldovan banking system of one billion US dollars. The report is published in its original form, in English.

The chairman of commission on the investigation the billion dollar theft, Alexandru Slusari, announced that the list of beneficiaries is at the General Prosecutor’s Office, but for the time being, no members of the committee have access to this annex.

Alexandru Slusari brought the Kroll 2 Report to the press conference. The Commission received it two days ago from Kroll company. According to Slusari, the document describes in detail the process of devaluation of the banking system, the involved companies and the persons that represent them. However, the report does not contain the annex referring to the list of final beneficiaries of the fraud.

Slusari claims that Kroll’s representatives were reluctant to publish the Kroll 2 Report, but have never created any impediments to this, stating that the decision belongs to Moldovan authorities.

The decision to publish Kroll’s second report was taken yesterday, July 3, at the meeting of the parliamentary committee. At the same time, the leaders of the Prosecutor General’s Office believes that the publication of the report could damage the course of the prosecution.

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