The Most Untrusted Politicians in Moldova

The Most Untrusted Politicians in Moldova
05 July 2020 | 13:11

A few days ago, a poll showed that Moldovans trust President Igor Dodon the most, followed by Maia Sandu, former Prime Minister and leader of the Action and Solidarity Party, and the mayor of Chișinău, Ion Ceban, member of the Socialist Party of Moldova.

This survey that features Moldovans’ trust in politicians, ranking Dodon as the most trusted politician, makes us wonder why in polls, people tell they trust Dodon. 

Day after day, Dodon promotes different falsehoods that are coming out. Dodon’s Pharisaic nature, his lack of consistency, his prompt readiness to betray the national interests of the state in exchange for political or financial privileges are also coming to light.

Let us recap a few divergences between Dodon’s words and deeds. First, when he became head of state, he told us that he was apolitical, that he had given up his position in the party, as well as his biased attitude. Many times, during the last years, we had convincing evidence that he lied when he declared that he has nothing in common with the Socialist Party. 

On June 29, 2020, while celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the Socialist Party, Dodon publicly acknowledged, “It is the party I have the honor to lead since December 2011 and which has given me a vote of confidence, advancing my candidacy for the 2016 presidential elections.”

Therefore, contrary to the law, Moldova has a president who is a party leader. By law, Dodon cannot be considered head of state, but not in Moldova.

In his message from June 29, Dodon advertised his party, saying that it is truly a party of the people. He forces the whole society (the people) to accept this party despite the fact that only about 30 percent of the electorate voted for it at the last parliamentary elections.

Dodon also reminded that, starting with 2014, the Socialist Party is the largest parliamentary party in Moldova. However, he didn’t mention that slightly more than half of the total number of voters participate in the election (in 2019 – only 50.57 percent).

Therefore, Dodon’s relationship with his party remains unwavering, even if he previously stated otherwise.

In the same anniversary message, Dodon claimed that the Socialist Party had the leading role in removing the oligarchic regime of Vladimir Plahotniuc, Moldova’s biggest oligarch. 

The message comes after the entire society saw the leaked undercover videos with the black plastic bag, which clearly said that there was money for the salaries of those from the Socialist Party. How can one believe that this party defeated the oligarchic regime in Moldova?

“Every deputy of the Socialist Party, every mayor, head of the district, local councilor, as well as every party activist, is a member of my team,” Dodon stated in the same message, meant to puzzle the voters. 

It was another piece of self-aggrandizement from Dodon when he told people that hundreds of officials, deputies, activists belong to him, pointing out that he relies on their support, in any critical situation. Dodon says he has faith in his people’s support, but can these people rely on Dodon’s support, truth, fairness and verticality?

We shall provide several examples when Dodon didn’t keep some of his recent promises.

He promised over 800 euros (16,000 lei) to each employee of the medical system, who works in the front line, saving the patients affected by COVID-19. Where is the money? How long do medical workers have to wait?

On July 1, the Government assumed responsibility for four bills, enforcing Dodon’s promises, who is already in a full electoral campaign. By assuming responsibility, the government increased the budget deficit by over €61.74 million (1,2 billion lei).

Thus, the descendants of the medical staff, who died while fighting against COVID-19, will receive allowances from the state.

At the same time, it was decided to gradually increase the salaries of public employees, starting with September (exactly on the eve of the presidential elections, scheduled for the beginning of November this year).

Recently, the government presented many figures, trying to reassure those who continue to trust Dodon, especially his voters. 

What will happen if the Government eventually falls? Who will be responsible for the assumed responsibility for the four draft laws? 

I wish there were another type of ranking, that of distrust in politicians.

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