Moldova’s Metropolitan Church Spreads Fake News About COVID-19 Vaccine

Moldova’s Metropolitan Church Spreads Fake News About COVID-19 Vaccine
25 May 2020 | 14:37

Moldova’s Orthodox Church urged people to refuse any vaccines against COVID-19. The Church stated that such a vaccine could allow Microsoft or other entities to control the people in Moldova and elsewhere.

ZdG asked state officials about the statements of the Orthodox Church and concluded that deputies in the Parliament, Prime Minister Ion Chicu, and other state officials issued clear statements to debunk the fake news spread by Moldova’s Orthodox Church about the vaccine against COVID-19.

At the same time, President Igor Dodon was very brief in his statement, refraining from directly confronting the church’s message.

The Metropolitan Church of Moldova stated that vaccination of the population against the new type of coronavirus must be voluntary. The Metropolitan Church added that through this vaccine nanochips would be injected into the human body, with the help of which the population can be controlled, through 5G technology. 

The Metropolitan Church requested Prime Minister Ion Chicu, President Igor Dodon, and the President of the Parliament, Zinaida Greceanii that the vaccine against COVID – 19 be administered only at the request of the people. 

“God Forgive Me and Keep Me From Sins.”

Prime Minister Ion Chicu reacted to the warning of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova, which believes that vaccinating the population will be a huge danger to society.

Ion Chicu

“Forgive me, Lord, and protect me from my sins. And give me the mind and strength to react wisely and calmly to such a thing. Let’s be merciful and understanding. It can happen to each of us that our reason is darkened by the power of instincts, temptations, and wanderings. Let us all pray for the lucidity and health of the people, including the bureaucrats and employees of the Church.

p.s. This crisis reminds us of how important it is to restore the education system in the country. In an elevated society such so-called warnings would not appear. It wouldn’t make sense. God forgive me,” Chicu mentioned.

“I have all the respect for the Church in Moldova.”

President Igor Dodon, who is a strong supporter of the Orthodox Church, did not deny the fake news spread by the Metropolitan Church about vaccines against COVID-19. Dodon mentioned that if such a vaccine appears, then the population will choose whether to administer it or not.

“I have all the respect for the Church in Moldova, but the Church is separated from politics, from the state. I would have liked our Church to exclude from the canons those who voted and promoted the law on equal opportunities. 

Igor Dodon

As for the vaccine, first of all it does not exist. As a responsible father, I obviously believe that the family should administer the vaccine. This reduces the risk of infection and if there is to be such a vaccine, it must be administered. But at the same time we can’t impose anyone, in my opinion. People have to decide, to take the risk,” Dodon declared in a show on the Unimedia news portal .

The Deputies Position Regarding the Church’s Statements

The deputies of the Parliament of Moldova claim that the statements of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova have nothing to do with the faith and spirituality of the citizens, and such misinformation only undermines people’s trust in the Church.

While one of the deputies spoke about the importance of media literacy education in schools others mentioned that every specialist should give advice in their field. Another deputy claimed that such fake news is extremely dangerous because they fuel people’s skepticism about COVID-19 and the doctors’ efforts in fighting the virus. 

The widespread rumor about the spread of the new type of coronavirus through 5G technology has been combated by several specialists. The head of the National Public Health Agency, Nicolae Furtună, qualifies the information on the connection between 5G technology, coronavirus, and chip implantation as nonsense. 

“Good People, Stay Calm, Do not Panic, Do not be Afraid, Forgive This Reckless Step of the Leadership of the Metropolitan Church”

The pastor of the Saint Archangels Michael and Gabriel Church from Coştangalia village, Cantemir district, (south of Moldova) Vasile Eșanu is skeptical of the declaration of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and urges citizens to remain calm, not be afraid and forgive the reckless step of the Metropolitan’s Church leadership.

“I am confident that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor masters, nor present, nor future, nor powers, nor height, nor depth (nor COVID, nor 5G, nor vaccine, nor microchip, nor Bill Gates, neither China, nor America, nor Italy, nor Russia, nor Europe, nor the Metropolitan, nor the Pope, nor the Patriarch) and no other creature will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord. ” (Romans 8, 35-39).

People, stay calm, do not panic, do not be afraid, and forgive this reckless step of the leadership of the Metropolitan Church. It can be seen that they did not consult with the academic-scientific community, with specialists in physics, medicine, and IT and they did not document themselves properly. They are also people like us, they are also wrong as we are wrong,” the pastor claimed.

There is no 5G Technology in Moldova, as There is Currently no Authorized vaccine Against COVID-19

The vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Svetlana Cojocaru, mentioned that statements about nanochips injected through anti-COVID vaccines, to control people through 5G technology, are in the realm of fantasy and are far from reality.

“In my opinion, it is only a manifestation of obscurantism and I am really surprised that such a thing is possible in the 21st century. First of all, Moldova does not have 5G technology. And I don’t think it will be in the next two years. Moreover, 5G antennas are not widely implemented even worldwide. 

The idea of implanting chips in the human body through vaccines also has no scientific basis. There are people in the world who have implanted microchips. This is a small surgery, but not a vaccine. I repeat, the introduction of the microchip cannot be done with the vaccine. Controlling people through chips and 5G are things in the field of fantasy and very far from reality and truth,” explained Svetlana Cojocaru.

World Health Organization, about 5G Technology

After conspiracy theories linking the new type of coronavirus to 5G technology appeared in the public space, the World Health Organization debunked this fake, stating that  viruses cannot travel through radio waves / mobile networks.

Epidemiologists have also denied information about the link between 5G technology and the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts reiterate that 5G technology is based on radio frequency and does not create viruses.

“The evolution of the pandemic is completely independent of 5G technology. The statements and posts distributed on social networks about the alleged connection between COVID-19 and 5G technology are a misinformation in order to maintain a state of confusion and panic, which is harmful and spreads as fast as the new coronavirus.

The new coronavirus is transmitted from person to person through respiratory secretions, sneezing, coughing, or exhalation. Whereas 5G technology is based on radio frequency and does not create viruses. Specialists’ concerns regarding the damage to health from the use of mobile networks generally refer to radiation and have nothing to do with COVID-19 infection,” the specialists announce.

The Metropolitan Church of Moldova Demands the Removal of Restrictions on Religious Services

In another statement, the Metropolitan Church of Moldova stated that it will not pray for Prime Minister Ion Chicu and all members of the National Extraordinary Public Health Commission if the commission will not allow the churches to perform their rituals.

The Commission of Exceptional Situations approved that starting with May 10 the churches can perform their rituals but according to the sanitary-epidemiological requirements. However, the Metropolitan Church of Moldova is not satisfied and states that postponement of cancelling the restrictions revolts, disgusts and is even embarrassing.

“The Request of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova Is an Emotional Reaction”

Government representatives say they are aware of the decisions taken in relation to the activity of the churches. Vitalie Dragancea, adviser to Prime Minister Ion Chicu, told Ziarul de Garda that the request of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova is an emotional reaction.

“It’s an emotional reaction. Emotions pass and we will return to a normal dialogue, and we will continue to respect each other. The introduction of the restrictions was a difficult measure. The Government, as an institution, it is most aware that these measures will bring serious effects. On the one hand there are large economic losses, and on the other hand – social tensions. We have thought about the safety and health of people. The government has taken steps to prevent a wave of infections that could have had disastrous results, as we have seen in several countries around the world.

Those restrictions did affect the conduct of church services. This year will generally be an epidemic storm. As long as a vaccine against COVID-19 doesn’t appear, we will have to learn to live in new conditions and with new social skills. In order to live this year and go through it with as few losses as possible, it takes a lot of calm and understanding. And I would call on all parties to the public dialogue to be calm and understanding. These decisions were not comfortable, but imposed by circumstances,” Dragancea told us.

The source added that once epidemiological statistics show a decrease in the number of cases of infections and deaths caused by COVID-19, then the authorities will gradually lift the restrictions.

Deputies from Moldova’s Parliament about the Statements of the Metropolitan Church

The deputies from Moldova’s Parliament were surprised by such an approach of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova. However, lawmakers believe it is still too early for the authorities to allow church services, without restrictions, while the COVID-19 pandemic is still haunting.

“I think it’s too early to remove restrictions on religious services. Unfortunately, the poor management of the pandemic situation does not reduce the number of cases. We have cases of illness in churches and monasteries, which forces the Public Health Commission to ban religious services. As for the mention of the rulers in the prayers of the Church, it is not even necessary. Only Dodon has the family diptych in all the existing Churches, as far as I know,” commented the deputy Maria Ciobanu from the Dignity and Truth Platform Party.

“After the shocking forgeries published on the official website of the Metropolitan Church, it is difficult for me to take this statement seriously. According to the Constitution, the church is separated from the state and the leadership of the Metropolitan Church must comply with the supreme law, but also with the laws in force,” pointed out the deputy Radu Marian from the Action and Solidarity Party.

The deputy of the Socialist Party, Bogdan Țîrdea, offered us a reaction to the declaration of the Metropolitan Church of Moldova through a quote from The Zealot. “The life and age of Jesus of Nazareth: Give back to Caesar what is his and give back to God what belongs to God.”

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